layout: post title: "Home Computer Mix" author: "J & G" date: 2020-04-09 categories: mixes tags: [mixes] image: feature: lush-fades-home-computer-2.jpg podcast: false excerpt: "What does excellent house music, Kraftwerk samples and the year 1990 have in common? We are not completely sure but a hidden story lays beneath this mix by our fellow E-Talking, half of the fantastic production duo Nummer. More news soon."

The Music

The Story

Do you know what's crazy? Conceiving a DJ mix around just one damned sample, this sample. Every song of the present mixtape is constructed or includes this 5, 7 or 13 fantastic, glorious seconds. Yes, your mileage may vary. Listen again, put it deep down in your cerebral cortex and press play, you're about to experience a rollercoaster of amazing house tracks, all of them created the same year: 1990. Wow, that's even crazier, so this whole mix is composed of songs from 1990 all of them featuring that damned sample?

You're correct.

Well, I reckon, there should be more of this story. I haven't got to the bottom of it yet, but these are too many coincidences for the story to stop here. I promise, I will dig on it and if I find something I'll be back to tell you.

Meanwhile, enjoy the music.