Voyageur (80 Minutes Around The World)

The Music

The Story

A steady beat drives you forward, you begin your departure with excitement. There are moments of anxiousness, eagerness and elation – your bags are packed and you are on your way. This journey ahead is unimaginable, and the possibilities are endless. A gentle smile plays on your lips and you sit there, all in a glow, tapping your fingers along to an old jazzy tune you used to listen to.
Within moments, you are deep in the jungle of humanity, swirling in its dark chaotic energy, learning how to find your bearings once more. You find steady footing and roll into your own smooth daily rhythm. You find your groove and yet … you question why "citizens of poverty are barely out of sight". You question the status quo, and a shock hits you. You miss home. You understand the chaos there. A soft haze of longing clouds your sight and mind.


Suddenly, a mysterious and seductive call pulls you into a savage wild. Closer. Closer. Thunder. What was once so wild becomes soothing and you grow closer. Closer. Closer.

You watch above as birds and the day come back to life. A reawakening. A soft and gentle light reanimates the world around you. Life builds on, and you are pushed further and further into the modernity of society. Everything rushes forward, marching with intent. We are machines. We are living minimally in our excess. Yet there is comfort in this renewed chaos. There is a gentler night, rich and smooth. You realize that when you first arrived you didn’t understand but now your understanding is more complete. There is a groove in your step because you have settled into this other life. You are content with your direction. There is love. There is humble satisfaction in your life, and a more profound understanding comes with your newfound clarity.

Your train comes and goes.

You recall the very first moment of your journey, now so long ago. Yet here you are, still filled with an eagerness for the journey home.



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