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  • (of vegetation, especially grass) growing luxuriantly.

lush greenery and cultivated fields

  • Very rich and providing great sensory pleasure.

lush orchestrations

Back in the days when the two were living in Madrid we used to meet around a plate of tasty pulpo and few cuencos of Alvariño. We ended up on thinking of recording an unusual podcast, and after toying with the idea and discussing it for few more cuencos of wine we concluded that a series made more sense. This project desires to be participatory, so you if have a lush contribution with music, illustrations or beautiful texts, feel free to write us.

The website you’re currently watching is the result of this ideas and our work, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do it in the making.

J & G

Contact: info@soulspektrasound.com

About Soul Spektra Sound

We are four international crate-digging vinyl junkies who have come together in Madrid to create something new and very special. Now, after many years of enjoying, buying, producing and broadcasting soulful music in different parts of the world, we are curating our collections for your listening and dancing pleasure.